''Close your eyes...

''Close your eyes. Just do it. Now, imagine...You and I. You're my girl. Don't cry, I don't wanna see any tear while you're reading this.
I know you exist, I know you love me with all your soul, I know. But please, don't believe what people say to you about me, I love you.
I'm sorry, I can't be with you now, but you should know that you're in my head and in my heart. I close my eyes and I imagine you're here with me.
Don't cry, just smile. Smile with your smile, the most beautiful smile in the wole world. If you do it, I'm happy, so happy. You already know that I am far away from you, but I still love you. You're my support, you're my girl and you will always be. Thank you for being happy the other day. I know you saw me in metres of distance and you were dying for hugging me, I know it. But I want you to know that I felt the same. One day will happen again because I hope that. The only thing stronger than fear is hope. Don't you remember? Well, I have it. I know one day I will see you, I will hug you. Remember: the kilometres can't separate us. I love you, don't forget it.

martes, 27 de agosto de 2013


Hola pequeñas, perdón por ésta interrupción, pero como sabéis, tengo que recuperar una asignatura y a penas tengo tiempo para escribir. Me gustaría mucho escribir dos capítulos cuando pudiese. Y muchisimas gracias por leer, no sabéis lo mucho que me importa ésto a mi. 
Os dejo otra novela que empecé hace poco con Zayn; http://zaynmaliknomesueltesnunca.blogspot.com.es/ no dejéis de leer, por favor.
Gracias, de verdad. 
''No dejes de luchar por lo que quieres.''

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